HTTP Client Error Responses: A Deep Dive into the 4xx Family

Client Error Responses

What are the HTTP client error responses?

HTTP client error responses occur when a client, such as a web browser or API client, sends a request to a server that the server is unable to fulfill. These errors are typically indicated by a 4xx status code. This page contains a comprehensive list of all the different types of 4xx status codes and their meanings, making it the go-to resource for understanding client error responses. It covers all aspects of these errors, including the causes, possible solutions, and best practices for handling them.

Comprehensive list of HTTP client error responses:

402 Payment Required

404 Not Found

410 Gone

414 URI Too Long

416 Range Not Satisfiable

424 Failed Dependency

426 Upgrade Required

429 Too Many Requests

451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons

411 Length Required

413 Payload Too Large

415 Unsupported Media Type

417 Expectation Failed

421 Misdirected Request

423 Locked

425 Too Early

428 Precondition Required

431 Request Header Fields Too Large